Wednesday, June 15, 2011

salmon nigiri


Sushi? Yes Please! Krister and I cannot get enough of the stuff. If my bed were made of nigiri, I would never get out of it....
or, I would eat it really fast so as to avoid getting covered in fish smell.

Also, this tutorial seems promising. I have been wanting a dress form for years. 
Trying it.

Also also, Muh fav lady to watch at the gym (Ina Garten) made this while I was jig-jogging the other day (I love watching the food network when I'm working out. Is my motivation to have the option to eat an entire gallon of frozen yogurt without it negatively affecting my waistline later a negative one? of course not). Not sushi, but sushi-ish?
If I ever am able to afford fancy fresh tuna then I'll tell you how this turns out.


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