Thursday, June 16, 2011

What happens when you actually jump off the cliff?



Most people who meet me would never guess that I struggle fairly regularly with fear.

Sometimes my "fear" is camouflaged by the word "worry" which seems at times to make it more okay in my mind and heart...
Other times it's full on.. all out... scare the britches off of me... straight up... fear.

I worry fear a lot of things... Some big... some small... Will I succeed at all I feel called to? Will I be any good at school? Work? Blogging? Friendships? Running? Designing? Wife-ing?

Recently I was asked to evaluate this fear (oh school papers, you know just how to get me)...

And I realized that this fear I have
is lame.
It's irrationally crippling me at times... It's not of God.
This fear... well... it gets in the way of my hope... my peace... it can steal joy and rob me of calling.
So with this new realization... I've decided to push away the fear... to take a deep breath... plug my nose (don't judge... you know that helps sometimes...)... cling to this verse... and jump off the cliff. 

  Abandon my fear.
Because you know what?
I wasn't made to fear. I was made to press on... to jump.
For, in my weakness... He is strong!

Are you ever fearful?
Want to jump with me?


Thanks for letting me put that out there... it's silly how even with this letter I've had to work on being brave... oh goodness! Ba-less my little heart!

Luv yous,


Annagirl said...

So true woman! Youre note the only one out there! As I am preparing to buy a house...I know its Gods plan as everything had worked out so well and I'm constantly praying. I went into to talk to my boss the other day and jokingly asked if I would have this job for awhile since I'm buying a house. He told me to stop living in fear and to trust God. That was a wake up call for me! So I'm jumping right with you girl! Thanks for sharing.

Linsey said...

i'll jump! thanks for this reminder! love the verse...and love you too hans!