Monday, June 13, 2011

The surprise party everyone knew about: Rachel's weekend in review


such a fluffy pair! 
what pretty patterns our unwashed windows make!

the cake couldn't even keep it together for the party
Sister-in-love (ohmuhwerd, I hate when people say that) Laura's 24th was this saturday...and it seemed we all did our hardest to make sure that she knew we were throwing her a surprise party. 

Exhibit A: Mike sends Jama'ie a text about the party
Jama'ie proceeds to respond to text by way of Laura.
Laura responds with "You're not very good at this are you..."

Exhibit B: Mike takes Laura out back behind their apartment so that we can decorate.
Ian shows up late to decorating and
walks around back.
Mike see's him, excuses himself from Laura and tells Ian to keep it down and head inside
Ian responds with,
"why does everyone keep shushing me?!"

Exhibit C: Despite our best efforts to keep quiet while decorating,
Laura hears us.

Oh well, maybe we'll get her next time. 

lovie dovie-
ricochete rach

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