Thursday, July 28, 2011

Car pooling by myself.

Yesterday morning I drove to work alone.
Normally I drive to work with the Hubs... it's fun... we listen to random talk shows and sip coffee...

But- yesterday morning I drove to work alone...
What's a girl to do when she's alone in her carpool??

What is she to do when it's all gloom and doom and gray and cloudy on her drive to work???

rock. it. out.
That is what she is to do.

Don't judge.
There's Christmas in my heart people... You can't judge. It's against the rules of Christmas! 

And for all you Christmas-in-July-ers out there (as if Mariah wasn't enough?!)...
Visit the EttaGrace Shop and
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Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Joy to the world!!!

**Also... Since I'm so festive these days... I want to see you rock your favorite summer scarf for Clothes Stealers next week (Wednesday)! Make sure to link up then!

Loving you with all of my jolly old heart,

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