Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clothes Stealers: Shirt.

Whoa-ho-ho dudettes, we're doing shirt this week. I know, I know where ever will you find the time to put on a shirt. Just know that you've got all week to link up and we'd love to see your take on this....necessity? Can I call a shirt a necessity? I guess we'll find out...

Blouse: Ebay Dress: J.Crew Tights: Hue Clogs: Thrifted

knotted t-shirt & flops:: Target, maxi dress:: Macys, messy after work hair:: Full time job. hooray.
So, Rachel called her shirt a "blouse", Hannah called her shirt a "T-Shirt"....does that mean both of us lost or is it just semantics at this point?

I think we'll call it a tie
Hannah: 1/2
Rachel: 1/2

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