Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's the "Eye of the Tiger"... or the cheetah... or zebra... or....

 Clothes Stealers + Animal Print =

Remember how Hannah is basically a 75 year old woman
Yeah... there are a lot of downsides to this little attribute she's plagued with...

But sometimes- animal print is just what the Dr. ordered for the perfect amount of "flaunting".
And joining her... for moral support is Rachey Poo
and hopefully you too!
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Exhibit A:
Hannah rocking it out with her brand spankin' new homemade "20 minute" dress...
She was channeling a herd of pasty zebras in need of some sun....

Exhibit B:
And Rach crouched in a corner and ready to pounce!
Worked it in... Cheetah!

And pounce she did...

With the "win"... Rachey Pooh!

What kind of animal print are you rocking this week?
Link up below Loves!

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