Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roller Coaster Magic Fun Time

I am not an amusement park lover. I think it all started that one time I snuck into the county fair with my friend Tanisha by hopping over a chain link fence. Tanisha popped on over and landed on her feet and then I went, except when I got to the top I basically just let my body go slack and I fell over the other side. I feel like my defense mechanism is just to accept my fate when it comes to falling down or off things. No flailing for me, just compliance, and then pain. Anyway, My pants weren't as much of a push over as me that day, and they hung onto the top of that fence for dear life though the left leg was feeling a little weak that day. And there went, in a spiral of ripped denim, an entire leg of my pants. 
I thought about this as I slowly burned to a crisp at the local theme park that the gang and I went to for aftwons and kkats birthdays. Those cute little beardy buddies. This time was  a lot better though. Kristopher rode a roller coaster (of which he has a very real fear of), the waves in the wave pool were fierce, I wore a dress and used the front entrance. It truly was a wonderful day.
aftwon and kkat
the gang on an adventure

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