Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things that rhyme with orange: Clothes Stealers

oh ho ho, what do we have here? Has Rachel finally gone from having people ask if Hannah is mentoring homeless young women (when they're together) to being a homeless mentor herself (Rachel: "oh hey homeless ladies, you can still look chic and wear stuff from area garbage cans. I do it everyday!")?  Is Rachel finally more chic than the Han-ster?
I knew orange would stump her...
Link up by grabbing the "Clothes Stealers" button on the left and remember to help out this little guy if you can!

Rachel is wearing: floppy hat-gift from friend
blouse-DIY made from thrifted scarf
 skirt-old navy (94 cents...what?yes.)

Hannah is wearing: one cute asian and the losers aura of good sportsmanship

Link up people, you've got alllllll weeeeeek.

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No Model Lady said...

Love it! I don't know...a cute Asian IS a pretty boombastic accessory. That has to count for something.