Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The MOST important Giveaway we've ever held....

I know "important" and "giveaway" aren't generally two words that go hand in hand...
but today, they do.

You see... I know this incredible girl, her name is Megg.
Megg is a girl that upon meeting, you won't soon forget.
She has some massive amounts of energy... she's gorgeous... she has rock solid faith...
and she oozes and heaps out love onto all she meets.

Now Megg is also a mama.
She has an incredibly precious and beautiful little boy, named Cole.
(and a brand new baby girl! congrats!!)
When Cole was born, Megg learned that 1/3 of her little boy's brain suffered damage.
As a result, Cole has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, CVI (cortical vision impairment), and severe developmental delays.

Megg has spent her days for the past few years, taking care of her boy... holding him... swimming with him... cuddling him... and learning patience in new ways she never knew she'd need.
Cole has been one of her biggest blessings.

Now Cole has been given an opportunity to receive a cutting edge treatment that could result in some major life changes.
It has the potential to cure or lesson his symptoms!
Unfortunately, Megg's health insurance doesn't cover the procedure. So Megg and her hubs need to raise the $16,500 (yikes!) that the procedure will cost.

Here's where the giveaway comes in... EttaGrace wants to help our Megg and her Cole raise some fat cash.
You can easily help Cole and win pretty things...

To enter just donate!

*For every $5 you give towards Cole's fund you earn 1 entry.
*For every entry $5 over $25 you earn 2 entries into the giveaway.
*And... for every person who donates $50 or more, you earn 25 entries.

Winner will receive a $60 EttaGrace Store Credit!

So... help a sister out... GO DONATE!!
Then, leave a comment with how much you donated below.
easy peasy.

Giveaway closes midnight- Sunday, July 17
Winner will be announced Monday.


Elizabeth said...

I love this! What an awesome way to help this sweet family out!

amp.worth said...

Hannah this is awesome!!! I check his page out everyday and I love to see the numbers growing!!

Lindsey Cram said...

Hi friends,

We hope to help Megg out, she is up on Let's Talk Trunk today!


Anonymous said...

Wow, so easy to help!! All is possible, MC

Organic Climbers/Hikers said...

What a great cause. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story.

Amber Marie said...

Hi! Just joined your site. I came over from Jenni's blog. This story gave me chills. I donated $5