Thursday, August 25, 2011

My secret BFF.

I'm sure you've all heard of Syd. I call her Syd because we're secret BFFs... and I can use her nickname as her secret BFF...
and by "secret" BFF, I mean that we're so secret even Syd doesn't know it... but, I think that makes our friendship even more special... hmmm... or maybe that' just awkward... er... awesome.

In honor of my pal Syd we're joining in on the fun with our "Awkwards and Awesomes" of the week!

Awkward & Awesome:
These pics Racha and I took a while back...

Awkward: The fact that I'm pretty sure I have worse syllabus shock that my students...
Snap out of it Hannah. You're the professor... that syllabus answers to you! Humph.
Awesome: Officially being called "Professor Tung" for the first time.

Awkward: The elderly woman in the locker room who insists upon being unclothed at all times while wanting to have a lengthy conversation with me- Every. Single. Day.
(Clarification- This situation does not seem to make my elderly friend awkward at all...)
Awesome: My little, old, lady friend has some pretty insane and an obviously great body image! You go little old lady... You go!

Awkward: Being called "ma'am". For realz?
Awesome: Being called "ma'am" by the ca-utest little southern boy there ever was and then being given a bag of "thank you" M&Ms by said southern boy...

Awkward: The little "tiff" the Hubs and got into on the way to work this week.
Awesome: The beautiful flowers the Hubs brought home after work, because it was time to make up.

Awkward: My bangs... they've grown out much too long... and the side swept look isn't really working for me... I've been rocking out some pretty hard core "split bang" action.
Awesome: Sadly, there is nothing awesome about split bang. Nothing.

That's the awkward and awesome of my week!
What about you guys?

Wishing you a splidge of awkward and loads of awesome-
Hansie Bear.

PS. You know what else is tots awesome??? Our giveaway!!! Last day to enter! Wahoo!!!

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FacingNYC said...

This made my day. You are always awesome, even your awkward is awesome. Love you girl!