Friday, August 26, 2011

Double Cherry Pepsi: Rachel's 5 for 5

Kristopher's up in SP finishing out his summer job which means I'm down here
for school.
He won't move down here in three weeks, but there will be intermittent visits in between then and now.
I only cried once, which I take as a sign of relationship maturity.
Brava! Brave Rachel! Brava!

Onto my 5 for 5 entitled

"distractions from my love connection being temporarily lengthened and full of static
why some couples just aren't phone talkers:
an unrecognized pandemic"

1. Lots of diet cherry pepsi. I like to drink a bunch and let the subsequent hiccups break up the silence in this lovelorn cave.

2.Throwning myself into my schoolwork. Which, fortunately for me, is the norm for pre-meds.

rag curls with muh sis
3. Rag curls. KKat hates when I wear them...kind of like how I hate that we now have a cat.

4. Meatloaf...veganized....nothing goes better with heartbreak than a loaf of faux meat and a bottle of ketchup (expect recipe soon).

5. Mister Krister's weekend visit. During which, I will keep my hand firmly glued to his rear end.
Because it is cute, and because that is where the money is stored. 
Just kidding, but seriously.

with the last beat of my heart-

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