Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clothes Stealers: Tippety Top, Flippity Flop.

Rachey Pooh and I are eight years apart. 
Most of the time I don't notice any difference.

*We both have a deep love for Mariah, Whitney and the children of Destiny. 

*We both understand how there is nothing quite like eating a baguette with brie while sitting on cobblestone somewhere in France.

*We both despise cats. 

*We both are nerds who love school.

*We are both already listening to Christmas music.

*We both luuuurve Anthropologie, J. Crew and EmersonMade.

*We both think "You Got Served" is one of the best, worst movies ever. 
Right after "Save the Last Dance 2". For realz.

hat:: stolen from rach-- dress, tights & boots:: target-- belt:: h&m-- bracelets:: china & forever 21.

*And, we BOTH love floppy felt hats.
Only Rach has one.
So I stole it.

We may not both have a floppy felt hat, but we can both wear one. 
Ahh the joys of clothes stealing.

What?! I'm 30, I do what I want.

Flippity Flop- 
Hansie Bear.

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Cheryl said...

U girls r so cute!!! I love that u have a super close relationship!