Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Favorites: Guest Post from Liz of "Cotton & Curls"

Oooh Lovelies... have we got something special for you today!
The beautiful, creative and all around talented Liz from Cotton and Curls is here today to talk about her Fall Favorites and we are so so so stinkin' excited!

Mostly because she's adorable....
has mad sewing skillz...
is living in Shanghai (where Hannah's hubs family is from!)
and has the ca-utest blog ever! We just luff her and we know you will to!
Checks it!


Hey Etta Grace readers! I'm Liz from Cotton and Curls and I was asked to post about my fall favorites…and really I could go on forever because fall IS my favorite season! Why you ask? Well, if I had to pick just 3 reasons, which would be very hard to do, they would be the holidays (mmmm, looooove costumes, scary movies and family reunions), the changing leaves with it's cooler weather, and mostly, of course, the fashion! I will always and forever look forward to fall fashion. I get to layer and layer and layer the colder it gets, its wonderful! I have yet to see China cool down, it is actually perfect and in the 70s, but I'm slowly pulling out the sweaters, stockings, blazers, long sleeved button ups, and maxis more and more everyday. And when crisp fall weather finally makes its appearance here, I will know exactly what I want to wear, and it perfectly coincides with telling you guys my favorite fashion trends this fall! 

I'm LOVING the outwear this season with its the capes, ponchos, nautical buttoned blazers adorned with fur, elbow patches, tassels, fun buttons, and more. I love the tall sexy, yet sophisticated boots and wedged heels that make an outfit so stylin'. And I'm mostly in love with the colors this fall...oh the beautiful colors! Growing up I always felt that bright fun colors were only left to be worn in spring and summer. Its liberating! I can wear almost whatever I want! Wahoo!

And more than I love to wear fall fashion, I love to sew it! Like this scarf and box pleat paper bag skirt. The endless possibilities! Oh my oh my do I love everything about the fall!!


Thanks so much Liz!
We're so inspired with all that fashion! Just might have to sew something fall-ish this weekend!

Hansie & Rachie Pooh


Gameday Stylist said...

Love the skirt - so super cute :)

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

Roxanne said...

Great post! Loving it!