Tuesday, November 22, 2011

glitter boot: mistakes made, triumphs won

a tutorial

1. Get some boots
2. Tape those boots up.
3. don't buy cheap masking tape. It will leak. You will feel like a cheap failure.
4. Spray paint those boots. 
5. Start spray painting other things.
6. Realize that dark green won't show up on black. 
7. Open some windows. Let the fumes escape, because it is obvious that they are beginning to influence your decision making and spatial reasoning skills.
8. Let multiple coats dry.
9. Move shoe to the bed.
10. Use a little spray adhesive and a lot of Martha Stewart glitter on the heel.
11. Realize that there is now copper colored glitter all over your sheets. 
12. Look forward to Kristopher's beard getting filled with glitter while he sleeps.

15. Realize the color choice as a mistake. The paint will crack and the color comes off more as a tribute to Saved By the Bell and less as a tribute to things that are great.
16. File the glitter off of the heel. Tie a piece of elastic around the toe and glitter the entire body of the shoe. 
17. Get some black nail polish that cost you a dollar and use it to paint the toe and heel.
18. Spray the entire shoe in aquanet to get that glitter to hold.
19. With every step you take, leave little puffs of glitter floating on the breeze, or swimming in peoples carpets. They'll love you for it.


p.s. make sure to check in bright and early friday for some sooper dooper early christmas surprises

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Elle said...

umm im obsessed with these boots. obsessed.