Friday, November 4, 2011

The great boot Trade: Rachel's 5 for 5

Five reasons my mom should trade boots with me:
The last time I saw my mom she let me borrow her grey suede boots. They are incredible and so, riding the wave, I ended up quasi-impulse buying myself a pair of grey boots. I have since decided that my mom and I should trade. 
So mom, here is my argument:
1) My boots are a little too urban sophisticate, you know, a little too 'Jenny from the block'. I'm not at that point in my life yet. I'm still learning basic hygiene skills, I can't wear fancy lady boots like you could wear these mom…because you're the fanciest of ladies.
2) Your boots are over the knee and mine are at at the knee. I feel that the over the knee boot would make more sense on me since I don over the knee skirts at a higher frequency than you. Not that you couldn't wear over the knee skirts, heck, you could go out in your underpants and be okay. You've got some great gams! I could totally see you classily shopping for fruit and then whipping it up into an equally classy headdress, a la Carmen Miranda, in something like this:
but that's besides the point…
3) You like Franco Sarto, which is what my boots are. I like BCBG, which is what your boots are. Why did we switch brands like that? It feels a little unnatural, don't you think?
4) The boot trade will require us being near each other. Which is always a lovely time. Also, I've only worn my boots twice, so they's supra new. Also, It'll make hannah and Ina really happy.
5) I'll throw in a box of See's with the deal, free medical care for the rest of your life, and a homemade thank you note!

The ball is in your court mom, I think you know what to do...



Shon said...

Such a fun post. I actually just bought the wedge boots mentioned a few weeks ago myself. C'mon, let's rock'em together!!;) Love your eyewear too! Enjoy

EttaGrace said...

It's not that I haven't tried's not that I haven't tried....

thanks! I got the glasses at WarbyParker. Definitely a company worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

had to write under "anonymous" though you KNOW whom this is!!!
(actually, this is my 3rd try as each time I write and then log in it kicks me out:()
the answer is, NO, these are MY BOOTS that DADDY bought ME! for CHRISTMAS! LAST YEAR! It was all very SPECIAL to me (I picked them out, Dad wrapped them up). But, ANYWAY you look at it, they are MY BOOTS!
you could, however,
a)return them
b)re-sell them to a girl on campus
c)list them on's some info on them as they are being sold at

Katie said...

Cutest post ever... and I don't blame you, your mom's boots are FANTASTIC!

Gameday Stylist said...

LOL so funny

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist