Monday, November 14, 2011

Sad Crab: A Cat-x-periment

This was the weekend of the great cat-x-periment!
five different type of food (herring, vienna sausages, tuna, shrimp, crab)
five identical plates
one cat

Experiment 1:plates in a row
Notes: It seemed that the subject became fixated on the tuna almost immidiately. We thought we had some success with the herring, but that, we now know, was just for show. When the tuna was taken away the subject lost interest.
Experiment 2: Plates in a triangle
Notes: Again, the tuna seemed to be the plate of preference. When the primary scientific investigator placed the tuna on a high platform, the subject left the other four plates and climbed to the tuna.
Experiment 3: Sad crab
When the subject was presented with only tinned crab. It left. 

Sad crab-

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