Friday, December 2, 2011

Deposit Closit: Racha's 5 for 5

Five things I'm loving to help pull off a series of successful all nighters (and to help distract yourself when you overestimate the level of caffeine to homework ratio causing inappropriate restlessness):

1. McSweeney's 'til daybreak for the sleep challanged
2. Coke Zero-less fizzy than regular coke, but just as sweet
3. Pop-up Books-to help guide you in the journey to build your own pop-up book. Yesterday I worked from 5-2. Totally breezed through three and a half glue sticks.
4. Midnight brownies and kale slaw
5. Law and order:SVU- thirteen seasons, 23 episodes per do the math.


also, cookie exchange, you know you want in.

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