Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ooooh... "I wanna dance with somebody!"

Racha-cha-cha and I were fortunate to grow up in a house that works through most of life's heavy problems by dancing our little hearts out.

Some of my saddest moments moments have been wrapped up in a little early 90's mix tape action and impromptu kitchen dance parties.

Then again, some of my happiest and silliest moments are wrapped up in the exact same stuff.

Often when such impromptu dance parties ensued Beyonce, Mariah and Ms. Houston would make an appearance. 
It's really not uncommon for Racha and I to be found dancing our little hearts out in our parent's living room to "Say my name" or belting out "I believe in you and me" during stop and go traffic.

Whitney managed to weave herself into some of our greatest memories and traditions and for that...
she will be missed.

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DebbsBigOlBlog said...

It is a sad day when we must bid adieu to a woman that sang so beautifully, a very sad day indeed.