Friday, February 17, 2012

How to make it through learning you have a whole nother year of undergrad: racha's 5 for 5

I recently found out that I need one more class to fulfill the pre-med requirement.
That class is only offered in the spring here,
which means I'll be an undergrad a year longer than expected.
Yeah, this week has been kind of a bummer.
But here are somethings that got me through it...

1.whoever had the wise idea that computers are useful in a classroom setting was just plain wrong. 
Case in point: Me impulse buying artisinal confectionary when I should have been 
forming arguments for or against selection acting primarily on genes.
p.s. these are delicious
2. Skype + this girl= finally I have someone to cry with.
3. Indulging my husbands valentine's wish much to the chagrin of
a million tatto artists on 
a million chat boards
telling me 
a million times over
to never give someone a tattoo at home.
If they were really that concerned for our welfare
you'd think they'd lower their prices.

4. Here's a hot tip for any parent who want to keep their daughters from dating
until their twenties:
encourage hobo tendencies.
The only drawback,
once they get a good man
they revert back to wearing the same coat everyday 
and tying old strings around stray animals.
5. These are just dreamy. 
And I'd love to be thrust into a dream right about now.



DebbsBigOlBlog said...

I believe you have taken this DIY thing too far this time.
And, is FuzzyFace current with his tetanus shot?
Love you lots anyways,

xoxo, dania said...

gorgeous shoes!

Margaret said...

IS THAT TATTOO FOR REAL?!?!? You are my hero, once again.