Monday, February 20, 2012

The Weekend in Review... blah blah blah

Guys, this weekend was fun... but blah blah blah...

I spent over 8 hours in Starbucks studying. Yea!
Had dinner with friends, movie with the Hubs...

It was good.
blah blah blah

But- the best part was not the stuff that got accomplished or the fun stuff I did.
The BEST part was the fact that I was given a free airplane ticket to use however I wanted!
(All thanks to my sweet sis-in-law! Thanks Fran!!!!)
Only catch?
 It had to be used by March 1st.

So this Thursday, my cute-as-a-button Rach-Cha-Cha is coming to Chicago to visit!

Hip hip hooraysies!!!

Idaho never felt so close!


1 comment:

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

being with sisters is the best! so happy for you :)