Sunday, September 23, 2012

We've Been Away

And may continue to do so
until we get our feet on the ground 
and this online diary
Letter Writing campaign under control.

But I wanted to drop in
'cause I miss you nerds.
And Hannah and I don't speak nearly often enough.
And lots has happened.
This, for instance:
Yes, This 100% is a Glamour shot that my mom made me get while at
the tepid "Gal's Night Out at the CDA Mall." Can you believe this level of
glamour was free?

And a beautiful summer:
Brother, husband, and sis-in law at the blue lagoons

sweet smelling new nephews

Helping with a friends wedding

sharing flowers with the worlds largest bees

rekindling my love for poppies

strawberry harvest

But now it's time for fall. Hopefully the weather will turn soon. It's been in the upper 80's here
but I've been stalwart in wearing my fall cords and sweaters. 
This weather will not stop me from exuding coziness. 
I am strong.
And excited to start sharing again.


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