Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pinspired breakfast... fail.

So, I wear (like most people) a lot of different hats throughout the day. The majority of my day however, is spent working as admissions staff for a Bible college in downtown Chicago. It's a crazy busy job, but so much fun. One of the best parts of my job is that I'm blessed to have about 30 students who work for me. I'm pretty biased, but I'm fairly confident (read: 100% sure) that I have the BEST student workers this campus can offer.

That said, each semester I throw a little party to let the students know just how much I appreciate them and just how much they bless my socks off. It's always loads of fun... Ugly Christmas sweaters are involved, favorite Christmas movies and lots and lots of Christmas treats!

This year as I was bumbling around pinterest for a little "Christmas treat" inspiration I came across this recipe for Apple & Brown Sugar Crock-Pot Oatmeal.

It looked amazing, and the directions said it would only take a few minutes... the crock-pot would do most of the work through the night. So, last night after Freddo went to bed I quickly threw all of my ingredients into the pot... I was so excited for the cool wife I was being!

The next morning we both woke up to the most amazing smells wafting through the house... Cinnamon, apples... Sigh. It was going to be uh-mazing.... and Freddo, was suprah psyched!

Sadly, when we sat down to enjoy our breakfast we were met with the most gummy, glossy, glue-like texture ever. Guys, it was GA-ROSS! This oatmeal tasted more like modge podge...

My "Pinspired" breakfast was an epic fail.
Total dud.

I know that this recipe can't be all wrong... but I need help tweaking it... Any ideas that I can use to make this less gummy and more amazing?!?!?!

Help a sista in need,


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the type of oats you used? Steel cut outs might make it less modge-podgey... Or a little less water?

SisterlyLove said...

Sad! Well, at least it smelled good!

I agree with eclecticallybethy.. I'd try it with steel cut oats. In fact the picture on Pinterest looks like it's made from those rather than the rolled oats. And I think I'd also stir some milk or rice milk into it right before I eat it.

Good luck!

Laura said...

Rachel and I have made this for a group breakfast. We did one part steel cut, one part water, one part unsweetened vanilla soy milk. It was amazing. I tried it again with my regular oats I was trying to use up and it was 100% elmers glue.