Friday, December 14, 2012

Making Presents: Iz-bot.

This Christmas I've been working on making most of my Christmas gifts.

I just love anything and everything handmade. It's so much more special to know that someone poured in their thought, creativity, love and time to handcraft the perfect item.

Some of you probably already know, but Rach and I have the most adorable niece ever, Izzy.

Since she lives so far away from us both, we get a little crazy at Christmas... We can't stop squeezing and smooching those cheeks! Baby Gollum is in full swing for sure!

So this Christmas I wanted to make sure that I made something extra special for my sweet Iz.

and what could be better than an Iz-bot?


I'm so pleased with how she turned out! Isn't she the cutest???

Thinking about adding some to the shop soon...

What do you think?

Happy Friday!

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SisterlyLove said...

That is SO cute! I love it. :)