Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pinspired Tutorial

Since I first discovered the wonderful world of pinterest a few years ago it's done an incredible job of being the most perfect time suck.

I literally can sit at my computer for hours pinning and re-pinning things to my millions of boards.

I have a DIY board with a ton of incredible nuggets of "do-it-yourself" goodness... Some of these pins are actually tutorials from other blogs and some are images of cute things that I think I'd rather try to make then actually buy...
Read: adorable (but expensive) Anthro sweater, ca-ute glitter boots and... this wreath!
(Isn't it adorable?)

There have been times in the past few years that I've actually gone out and purchased the necessary supplies in order to create a pin from my DIY board... But inevitably, I get all of my supplies home, worn out from shopping... let's face it, worn out from life and the supplies go unused.

The pin remains just that... A pin... On a board... Never a reality.

Until, this weekend! For some reason I was in the mood to craft my little heart.

So without further ado... A "pinspired" tutorial for you!

{EttaGrace "Pinspired" Ornament Wreath}

Supplies Needed:

-5 tubes of dollar store ornaments (about 7-9 ornaments per tube)
-wire clothes hanger
-scrap fabric
-glue gun w/ glue


-Take your wire hanger and untwist it from it's original form into an open ended circle (you goal should be to get your hanger into the shape of a wreath). I was able to use my brute strength and rippling muscles to do this with my bare hands...


However, life probably would have been a little more pleasant had I used some sort of wire bender tool... Obviously I don't own something like this as I can't even give you a proper name for said tool.

- Take each individual ornament and string onto the wire hanger. use glue gun to secure ornaments in place once they are all on.

-Close wire hanger by wrapping the remaining edges around each other.

-Take scrap material and make a cute sash. Then wrap your cute sash around the ugly wire that's (most likely) hanging out from the wreath to hide it.

-Finally, step back and marvel at the fact that you just busted out in about 15 minutes an adorable "pinspired" wreath for only $5! Take a victory lap around your living room and give yourself a standing ovation. You rock. Your wreath rocks. And pinterest is finally defeated.

At least for today.


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lindsey kuhn said...

I am going to copy you, you may or may not see this wreath in my apartment....