Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Ever Tutorial Tuesday!


My name is Rachel ETTA Johanna K, one of the inspirations for the name of the shop and also Hannah's younger sister. Hannah thought I should introduce myself to her readers a little instead of just splashing them in the face with a cold gust of a guest post so here goes:

I am a student.
And that consumes most of my time.

Introductions out of the way...Let's get started.

We're in college and working, we're in grad school and working, we're starting our career and working, yet for all that working we can't afford the simple luxuries that, say, a store like Anthropologie has to offer. Caught between student loans, monthly rent, and a serious lack of free time, our clothing budget has been reduced to torn jeans,window shopping, and our modestly priced EttaGrace french hoodies (thank goodness they look great while window shopping).

Though while our funding is mere pennies, I think that our desire is still there…

and so,

without further hesitation, 

drum roll please,

EttaGrace is proud to present TUTORIAL TUESDAYS!

Basic idea:

*one homemade tutorial (or tutorial review)
*one hour

I am either anticipating a lot of great new accessories for my home and body, or a pile of half made junk, stuffed in the corners of my bedroom…

Only time will tell...

And now, the first tutorial:

Step 1:
Gather materials.
All-in-all this cost me 7$

note: I used vinyl instead of leather as my local Joann's fabrics was fresh out.

 Step 2: Make flag Template. I used scrap cardboard

Step 3: Cut out flags

Step 4: Punch holes (I used a nail) and Paint Flags.

Step 5: Drrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy (takes about 5-10 minutes).

Step 6: Thread chain through holes.

Step 7: Tie ribbon (I used velvet…mmmmm….velvet).

Step 8: Go out and get complimented on your ingenuity.

Overall, I was over the time by 14 minutes. I blame the holes, maybe a small hole punch would have worked better, but jeez Louise, those nail holes were not at all hospitable to the little necklace chain! That ate up most of my time. Well that, and periodically stopping to try and take photos with absolutely no knowledge about photography besides the rule of thirds…

So, while I stayed under budget, I went over time which means this tutorial is a bust,
at least for this little lady…