Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Qualifications? Who needs 'em!


We've decided to try our hand at style blogging.

First up... Rach.... Next week, Han...
Why?  Over the weekend Rach got seriously inspired by some great blogs such as this and that.

How is she qualified? Well... She recently bought a tube of red lipstick.

In her own words....

Other than that, my qualifications get a little murky. I only have two pairs of nice shoes, clothes that I've had since junior year in high school(and believe me, they look that way), i rarely wear make-up, no photography skills, and…I have two poses in my repertoire.

shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, pants.shirt:F21, cowl:homemade                                                     Why is my face doing that?

Seriously, Hus-Bot 1.0 and I went to the grocery store last night and tried out a couple of poses, 

I looked like a turtle that was getting accosted by a pack of wolves while he was an antelope bounding across the aisle in search for some soft, verdant field to prance around in.

oh brother...

p.s. While sitting at his typewriter my husband turns around and asks a question about the literary genre magical realism. 

Me: There are pretty much two really famous authors who work in that genre, one of them wrote 100 Years of Solitude.

Husband: Who's the other one, R.L. Stein?

-pause for 15 seconds of intense eye contact, quickly broken by forceful laughter

He's got jokes.


Linsey said...

too cute!

Elizabeth said...

So excited for this new section! I tube or red lipstick is one tube more of red lipstick than I have.

Kari said...

Hillarious! Oops, I meant fabulously stylish!

Heather M said...

haha!!! Toooooo funny!

DebbsBigOlBlog said...

So cute...and fluffy!