Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lazy Legs

Deer Dear,

So my calves (calfs?) have been killing me this week,
like, I can barely walk flatfooted,
because I actually tried at the gym...
instead of just going there with the primary directive of watching the Barefoot Countessa.
Anyway, I have been refusing to stretch because I think Kristoph massaging my legs sounds whhhhaaaaayyy better. 

Yesterday I reaped the reward of my laziness.
I was walking in a pair of my incredible splurge shoes that I got when I last saw Hansie and
I was carrying a watermelon and a bag of groceries.
So my legs decided to just freak out on me and I fell flat on my face on the sidewalk. 
It was ridiculous. I did nothing to try and protect myself in the fall.
Just accepted it.
After I gathered the remaining shards of my dignity:
I took my shoes off
Picked up my things
Then went inside and did some downward dog.

Humbly Yours-

P.S. Totally just watched Rachel Zoe...her assistant is one strict sally. 

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Phillip Siemens said...

I hope the watermellon was okay...