Thursday, May 12, 2011

Physics makes us solid

Today was the last day of finals for me...wahoo!
I walked out of my physics final at four o'clock
went home
spread out an old sheet and laid in the 72 degree weather until dinner....mmmm

dinner started out with six of us and quickly multiplied when the smell of charcoal hit the air waves.

We ended the night with a couple of flesh wounds and some banana boats (scrape out 1/3 of banana, stuff with chocolate and marshmallow. Roast to toast, Yum.) and scary stories around the fire.

Let summer begin!

All my warmest-

p.s. I just got an opportunity to work in an old professors lab this summer 
he is working on studying how glial cells are affected by obesity and a botanical extract that can stop certain types of dysentery. I'm really excited for the opportunity. I get to take the mouses blood and test their sugars!

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