Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Arkansas or bust!


My weekend just ended... 
The Hubs and I... plus a group of our closest friends... headed down to Arkansas for the weekend for this character's wedding...

We took a round about way to get to Arkansas... flying from Chicago to Kansas City and road tripping the rest of the way... saved us a few bucks and we had a blast!
Our traveling companions were Kirtrude and Si-Fri...

With nothing but the open road in front of us... we made sure to include all the necessary ingredients for a perf road trip.

Sleeping in the back... 

Parties in the front...

"Tajo" Bell stops... um... y-uh-mmmmmm!

It was def fabbity fab dah-link!

Only down side... Freddo got his first speeding ticket ever! Boo!

Sigh... summers were made for road trips!

xo- Hans

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Monica Whitney said...

Your blog is so fun! You guys are so cute. I just found it linked on the Pleated Poppy and I am totally loving it. Now following!

Hope you'll follow back!
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