Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Monday! The weekend in review...

This. Weekend. Was. Baaaaaah-zurk!
For realz loves.
It was (not kidding) 104 in Chicago... and...
I was literally running a mile a minute 
(sadly this is no where near the actual pace I've been running during my half marathon training lately... humph....)

This weekend I...

-Sewed... sewed... and sewed some more...
-Hung out with two cute characters... she speaks British... he speaks "new yorker"... it's a fun combo.
- Spent a few hours roasting in the sun at our church picnic.
- Prepared some custom EttaGrace orders to be shipped! Hip hip hooray!
-Worked... for realz worked... wrote curriculum... which is almost as exciting as it sounds... almost.
-Lay around a bit (C'mon... no matter how busy a weekend is... it's still the weekend!)
-Shopped a bit with Elz-a-Bells.
-Went for an early morning run with the Hubs.
-Drank a few quad espressos over ice... sigh... so good. 
-BBQ'd with a baby on a rooftop deck downtown.

It was a good weekend... but now I'm pooped! I need a weekend to recover from my weekend... Ha!
 Fortunately we get another one in just 5 little days...
Happy Monday Loves!

xoxo- Hansie

PS. Don't forget to link up with an outfit where you flaunt some animal print on Wednesday for Clothes Stealers!

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Elizabeth said...

It was a fantastic weekend, but I think we need a weekend to recover. :)