Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do you think it hurts...

To get struck by lightening???

We've had insane weather here in Chicago... and I've been wondering just that.
Does it hurt to get hit by lightening?
Thunder storm after thunderstorm has been rolling through the city for a few weeks now...
Ah Chicago... you sure know how to keep a girl on her toes!

All this weather has me obsessed with the sky... 
Can you handle how insanely gorgeous it is?!?!?

And makes me want a pair of these... Oh EmersonMade... you sure know how to get me... sigh.

What do you love about the rain?

xoxo- Hansie


Amber Marie said...

I was in the walmart parking lot last night with a friend while we were waiting on our other friends inside. The storm arrived. You should have seen the shopping carts rolling into all the cars! Thankfully I think that big thunder boomer broke our heat wave.

Ps. I have prayed for a few days for your decision about moving or not. Hope it all works out :)

Elizabeth said...

I have also wondered what it would be like to get struck my lightning... and it always makes me walk a little faster.