Monday, August 8, 2011

Swim, Swam, Swumming: Rachel's weekend in review

Krister swimming
Every year my in-laws participate in the Longbridge swim in Sandpoint, ID. The swim is 1.76 miles which it the length of the bridge that crosses part of lake pend oreille and then some. So I've been training for it and working towards being the first of the family out of the water. The swim was this Saturday, and after the most uninspiring pep talk imaginable (for some reason that announcer couldn't go two sentences without mentioning someone getting hit by a car or getting their leg cut off while swimming…it was okay though because he qualified it by shouting, "is everyone having fun?! We're here to have fun!) of course I get beat by my father-in-law, which I half expected because he beats everyone every year (he's got the height of a small giant on his side). But on top of that I get beat by the hus-bot! He didn't swim more than a mile before this and he has a beard! I mean, c'mon….that thing has got to create some serious drag!

Other than that, my sister and brother-in-law came up for the swim and I finally divulged my secret about how I'm not super into playing games (Krissy-Kat's family are big game players)…I think the confession went over well…it just makes it hurt that much more for them when I win at farkle.
Oh yeah, and I learned reason number 40 million not to have a dog: They trip you and make you rip your new-pants-that-you-love-because-they-are-the-only-paper-bag-pants-that-you've-been-able-to-buy-without-making-you-look-like-a-total-long-butted-flat-butt-horse-girl.
Which leads me to my ninth point…here are some pictures of my little sister and me. I feel like she ups the overall cuteness factor of a photo. Deal with it.

also, I'm vegan now.


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SisterlyLove said...

Ha! You make me laugh. Next year you will beat those guys for sure. REVENGE! :)

You little sis is so sweet looking!