Monday, August 29, 2011

Two years and counting... we are so long term!

 On this day two years ago... the Hubs and I both said "I do".

Hooray hooray!!! Happy Anniversary to us!

In honor of our anniversary I thought it'd be fun to share our story with you... How we met... Got engaged and then married... So, without further ado...

The love story of Freddo and Hansie Bear.
Part 1

Freddy and I met in November of '07 by what some would call a “fluke”… An old friend from college e-mailed me asking to do her a HUGE favor… She’d been talking to a guy she met on-line and they were just about to exchange their contact information when her “free week trial” ran out… Frantically, she e-mailed every single friend she had hoping someone would sign up with her as a referral giving her 3 extra days on the site… She e-mailed me a few times before I finally agreed to sign up… “Only weird people date on-line!” I thought to myself as I quickly filled out the bare minimum on the site… 

By plugging in my name and e-mail I was automatically given a free week trial myself… Having recently moved across the country from Idaho to Chicago all because of a broken heart, I was in no state and had no desire to be swept off my feet by one of the “charmers” that the website boasted… Maybe I was being idiotic, but the older gentleman who had a tropical bird on his shoulder in every picture and the 4’9” unemployed jockey weren’t exactly the men of my dreams that I’d been looking for… I ended up letting four days go by on my free week trial before I found myself bored to tears one late afternoon at work… 

That afternoon I found myself perusing the dating site and was surprised to find a few cute guys living in my area… Quickly, I completed my profile with a new resolution to wait and see what this “free week” might bring… so… Internet dating was still for weirdos… but I  was finding there was something to be said about “shopping” for a boyfriend on-line!

Later that day I got an e-mail from Freddy. A tall, cute Asian guy who happened to be on a free week trial as well… within a couple days we had exchanged e-mails and a couple of weeks later found ourselves at the local Starbucks meeting each other for the first time in person. Having seen enough episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries” I secretly dragged along my two roommates and had them camp out on the other side of the café making sure I would ONLY be receiving free coffee that day… Our planned 1 hour coffee date turned into 4 hours (much to my roommates chagrin) and rolled into months of the most beautiful relationship we've ever been blessed to have!

Freddy is everything I am not. 
He is Chinese and urban. I am white and suburban. 
He has a doctorate and 1 sister… I spent my post college career traveling the world and have 8 siblings. 
He likes his clothes baggy. I likes mine fitted. 
He is laid back… I tend to "spaz" out. 

But- We somehow are able to strengthen each other's faith, hearts and dreams! 
We are opposites in so many ways, and yet we are the perfect fit. 
Freddy loves Hannah... and Hannah loves Freddy. 

And that, Lovelies, is how it all began... 
Stay tuned for the best engagement story you've ever heard on Thursday!!!



Anonymous said...

awww....I just love you guys together-yes, you are quite perfect for eah other! though, I still think that you should use your meeting online story to encourage others who may be afraid to do is most definitely 2011 and not for weirdos anymore!:)Karla

Elizabeth said...

Love you two together. Love your story. Love that I've been able to see it unfold.... across the coffee shop, in our apartment, and across the seas.
Happy anniversary!