Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work Prom.

When I was in high school... holler at ya girl late 90's peeps!  It was all the rage to have prom on a cruise ship....
I didn't go to prom... wasn't really in to it... 
But- I always had those cruise ship dreams lingering in the back of my heart...
Years went by... until one day, those dreams became a reality. 
My office had "work prom".
aka A dry run for an event we're throwing in a year.... but still. prom, right?
all the girls at "prom"

Work prom is the best.

Especially when it means that you get to miss more than half a days work to eat fancy food... on a fancy ship... and set sail off a fancy dock... and float around a fancy city.
Work Prom, I'll take you any day!

dance like no one's watching-

*Also- really??? Vegetarian for a month? Rach... You. have. GOTS. to be kidding.
I'll give you a week- Starting Monday.
Mostly because committing to certain nail polish colors make me nervous, much less committing to not eating meat. Only my 2nd favorite thing in the world to eat... right after nutella. ugh.
PS. You got a week out of me, only because you promised it would make me cooler... and we all know about my deep desire to be a cool kid.  

*Also also... The Hubs and I decided about Michigan vs. Chicago...
We're staying!!!! Hooray!!!
We prayed a TON throughout the process and appreciate so much all of your sweet prayers... they were felt... BIG TIME. Thanks friends... We feel total peace and joy about our decision!

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Amber Marie said...

Wow, that looks like SO MUCH fun! Glad you got your answered prayer. I love crossing requests off in my journal :) Check out my give-away if you have time!